About our company & about us…

Our products proudly made in the U.S.A.


We are a Veteran Owned and Veteran Operated Company dedicated to US Veteran support… we appreciate you!

We are dedicated to buy American first. We aggressively work with or seek out suppliers and partners that are also American Companies and we seek out U.S. Veteran-owned and operated companies first.

We are in the business of building the best, ultra and hyper-velocity weaponry PERIOD! It is to the core of our values and belief that our customer comes first. Communication and a personal relationship are 100% necessary or we typically do not engage in a build with a customer.

CBJ Precision Engineered Rifles, Inc. was conceived in 1996 when in Conyers, GA., then we grew to CBJ Precision LLC (R&D Operations) and now in November 2016 as Bayou Advanced Weaponry LLC. 2017 began as Bayou Advanced Weapon Systems, LLC here in Natchitoches, LA.

Since moving to West Tennessee (Savannah, TN.) in September of 1997 we have perfected and pioneered the “ACCURIZING” process of factory production rifles and since built an entire new division of this company that is now 100% dedicated to the Long Range Hunter, Sniper and Shooter.

CBJ Precision Engineered Rifles, Inc. now co-located in Mobile, Alabama, Prattville, Alabama and Savannah, TN. “builds-in” and “engineers-in” extreme levels of quality you simply cannot obtain with any other production rifle or most any other custom gun shop or custom gun makers due in part to the driven passion and dedication of our Master Weaponry Designer and Engineer, CBJ.

We do not believe in “Business Ethics”… you either have “ethics” in your entire life or not at all… we believe ethics begin in the home and are part of who we are not where we are located.

Our Business

Our core moto with our prior Parent Company has always been, “Building Relationships and Rifles that last a lifetime.” We meant it when we began this company in Conyers, Georgia in 1996, and that has remained true and only has grown stronger.

Our passion started in making hyper-velocity weapon systems extremely accurate. We first needed to build a better rifle for these superior cartridges and calibers while redefining what accuracy really is and should be.

We give a new meaning to “bug-hole” accuracy that has no equal in custom weapon systems.

We first needed to build a better rifle for these superior cartridges and calibers while redefining what accuracy really is and should be.

Many companies missed the “MARK” in terms of the velocity race against the .300 KONG, .300 Pegasus and the 7.82 Warbird of the time… we were determined to not allow this trend to continue…

We build-in, and engineer the fastest .30 and .338 Calibers on Planet Earth and nobody has even stepped up to the challenge that we give them every single day… we are the undisputed heavy weights in velocity, energy, accuracy and world-class quality … PERIOD!

We realized the full potential of hyper velocity weaponry in 1996 and ever since, this has driven us to perfecting production rifles beyond what a production company can produce in any production environment.

Bayou Advanced Weapon Systems, LLC is now leading us into the development of our own Precision Engineered Rifles built off of factory blue printed actions and/or custom actions at the customer’s choosing.

Our platforms of Long Range Tactical Response Rifles and Long Range Sniper and Hunting Weapon Systems have evolved into pure performance that is affordable yet highly accurate and sustainable where we just begin to shine at 1,150 yards! 🙂

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Wonder why we are not on Facebook? It is because we are a gun company that believes in the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments most of all among all others…

We DO NOT support Liberals, Socialistic Pigs or Democrats. PERIOD! If you are a Democrat we do not desire nor want your business.

We build “one-shot, one-kill” weapon systems

the very best, or we don’t build it!

Meet the Gunsmith…. CBJ